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- Indelible Memories :iconthegreatwhitemallow:TheGreatWhiteMallow 1 0 - Puppeteer :iconthegreatwhitemallow:TheGreatWhiteMallow 1 0 New Year, New Occurence :iconthegreatwhitemallow:TheGreatWhiteMallow 1 0 Christmas Present :iconthegreatwhitemallow:TheGreatWhiteMallow 2 0 The Dream :iconthegreatwhitemallow:TheGreatWhiteMallow 1 0 Tick of the Clock :iconthegreatwhitemallow:TheGreatWhiteMallow 3 0 The Dark Ashes :iconthegreatwhitemallow:TheGreatWhiteMallow 2 0 It Wasn't Good Enough :iconthegreatwhitemallow:TheGreatWhiteMallow 1 2 Warrior's Roar :iconthegreatwhitemallow:TheGreatWhiteMallow 1 0
The Crowd's Black Sheep (Collab w/ theartist0829)
Tons of children are cirling while happily chanting,
Sounds of laughter coming from their curved mouths,
Jumping relentlessy in the hard solid ground
under the blue sky with the appearance of the roaring sun.
Tears started to roll down my cheeks,
Asking myself, "Why am I here sitting?
Why can't I move without my friend's help?"
in two rusty wheels that support me.
I stared at them with my red, puffy eyes
Oh, how I wish I could also run with them and play!
Sadly, it's just a scene that will only come true in my mind
but also one that I hope will happen someday.
Tons of children are circling while happily chanting
as melancholic sobbing sounds escaped my lips,
Mixing up with the happy sounds they were producing,
But they were only ignored as I was one with a disability,
something that made me the crowd's black sheep.
:iconthegreatwhitemallow:TheGreatWhiteMallow 1 2
Dream's Message
A place where darkness is the leader
One big soggy house is the only thing I saw
Heavy rain started to pour down
Immediately ran out to use it as nest and rest
The sound of footsteps coming closer and closer
My body is shaking tremendiously
"Bang!" A loud sound was created outside that made me stutter
Sitting in the corner is the only thing I can do
A deep silence ensured as I open the door
Unknown and unrecognized faces appear in front of me
Holding knives and axes pointing towards me
I tried to find a way but there's no open door to escape
I looked at the window hoping it's open
But someone tried to interfere
A pure black silhouette glaring right at me
The strength I have within faded slowly
Shudders wrapped my body
I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and prayed to God
When I opened my eyes, my mouth released a big sigh
"It was all a dream," I muttered in relief
:iconthegreatwhitemallow:TheGreatWhiteMallow 2 0
Words Like A Razor :iconthegreatwhitemallow:TheGreatWhiteMallow 2 0
The Dreamer's Cry
Sharp words keep on stabbing me,
Rumors and gossips dancing right at me,
My past always haunting me,
Years passed by, yet, I'm still stuck at where I am.
My former friends have already graduated;
Some of them are already working,
Some of them are famous and successful,
Yet I'm still here, crying, doing nothing.
Instead of graduating, I'm stranded reading
Instead of working, I'm here writing
Everyday, books, notes, and projects welcome me
I spent almost half of my life
repeating and doing the same thing.
Now, I'm here standing in front of everyone,
Wearing a long white gown and flashing a mischevous smile,
Holding my diploma that I've been striving for a long time,
Giving an inspiring speech as a valedictorian.
:iconthegreatwhitemallow:TheGreatWhiteMallow 5 17
Just a piece of paper :iconthegreatwhitemallow:TheGreatWhiteMallow 2 0 Past the Mask :iconthegreatwhitemallow:TheGreatWhiteMallow 4 8 Show It, Dear :iconthegreatwhitemallow:TheGreatWhiteMallow 3 3


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Tagged by mah nigga :icontheartist0829:

"Make a journal. Type a random phrase with your eyes closed, or add a special challenge doing so.
Tag 5 people to get the meme around!"

"yuitr gkuggh"

Well, I fucked up.
It was supposed to be "You're fluffy."

Because all of my friends are already tagged in theartist0829's journal, Imma tag nobody. Antisocial piece of shiet.


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